Sunday, August 14, 2005

Have you been to KWSP (EPF) web site recently?

It is quite amazing to realize how much the web site has improved over the years. We can now get many simple services and queries done without going through the hassle of queuing up in front of KWSP/ EPF's service counter. It is now one of the better government web site.

You can download KWSP/ EPF'’s Forms and guides for various types of withdrawals from the web site, i.e. housing withdrawal, retirement (50 years) withdrawal, etc.

By the way, when was the last time you withdrew your Account II to reduce your house loan? If it was more than three years ago, it is now time to make another withdrawal. It makes financial sense to withdraw your EPF money to reduce your home loan.
Same for the application for making periodical KWSP/ EPF payments, employers KWSP/ EPF payment, etc. you may find that the guides and forms are readily available for download.

There are tools to make financial calculations. You can calculate your KWSP/ EPF savings. You can calculate how much you can withdraw from your account II for you housing withdrawal.

With i-Akaun you can check your KWSP/ EPF account balance. Don'’t waste your beautiful Saturday morning queuing up to print out your KWSP/ EPF'’s statement.

1. A list of fund managers whom you can invest your money in Account I.
2. Types and guidelines of withdrawals.
3. Nomination of beneficiaries

and more...

Check out KWSP/ EPF member area.