Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Saving Tips (1)

I should have started the topic of saving strategies long time ago. Let's begin with the first saving tip with idea from MSN's Money...

There are things in life that you should not buy new. These are 10 of them among all. By Liz Pulliam Weston.

1. Books
2. DVDs and CDs
3. Little kids' toys
4. Jewelry
5. Sports equipment
6. Time shares
7. Cars
8. Software and console games
9. Office furniture
10. Hand tools

Read the original article on why you should not buy these items new and how to save money from buying second hand with bargain, sharing, renting, etc.


  1. I would like to disagree with you on certain items. Books is essential in life. I am book worm. I have lot of books, some of them i read it once, some of them i read it twice and some of them are my constant source of refference. Leisure books is a great way to spend time in lrt and way to increase your vocabulary and imagination. Our local libary arent as good as oversea.Lots of new book unavailable. You goin to wait 2 yrs to look at it? You cant take everything in oversea and compare it to here.

    Sports Equipment are a must for sports person. I play basketball every 2 times a days. I invest in a good shoe. Every year it got worn out. Of course i am not asking anyone to blow money on equpment but get something above the average that last longer. USA Nike basketball show are made for indoor not for outdoor, even in outdoor court USA has better court that treat the shoe better. So getting a nice shoe is to make you last longer. If your playing badminton, getting a nice shoe say cost Rm200 for 2 yrs. Isnt it worth it?

    I can go and on but i said enough. Dont simple go and post an article just you think it nice you get in from some guru. Pls THINK is it applicable? Go and do more research about it.

  2. I think there is certain etiquettes we must observe when we go to people house or come to people web site. It is important to have basic manners to write or express in a rational way.

  3. My RM50 Bata's Power sport shoe last me more than two years. So I know it is not worth it to spend RM200 for a pair of shoe.

    RM200 for a pair of shoe!! This is kind of spoiled brat's spending habit. (Are you sure you are "darkUNCLE"?) I can afford it for sure, but I will not spend on it.

    Oh yeah, I love books too.

    I was comtemplating to remove your comments due to your rudeness. But...second thought, no harm leaving it there.

  4. Everyone has a freedom to express oneself. In Chen Tong's case, its his blog, he is free to express his opinion (especially in this case where it is not even related to politic, religion or race). Darkuncle may express your opinion otherwise but it is really not up to Darkuncle to tell people [quote] "Don't simple go and post an article just you think it nice you get in from some gufu. Pls THINK is it applicable? Go and do more research about it." I am a browser and come across this article and saw this behaviour. No friend to Chen Tong but the fac that he is sharing his opinion is great especially when there is a lack of sources in mainstream media for personal finance in Malaysia.


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