Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Prosper for life

It bothers me when I read a financial blog "frugal for life". It is a blog dedicated entirely to living a frugal and simple life.

I agree living frugally. I always believe we don't need to spend (or spend only minimal) to live to the fullest. However, I disagree to make frugal an objective of life. For instance, I will not disagree a statement like this "Live to the fullest without spending much". It is still about being frugal, but only as a means to the objective of living to the fullest.

There is a major difference between "buy cheap things" and "buying quality things cheap".

I agree with the blogger's message, though not her emphasis on FRUGAL instead of satisfaction of life (frugally).

It will be better if it is about prosper for life without waste.


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  2. I agree on your remark about "frugal for life". It is as if frugality dominates our life. But it is different if living frugally. It is adjusting our life by incorporating frugality in it.

  3. i kinda agree we shouldn't make that a goal but if we are like that we don't need a goal anyway isn't it ?

    how about ?

    what do you think about posts there ?

  4. having said that, there is nothing wrong with setting frugal as a goal ... after all, its a very personal choice.


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